12 Ways You Can Stop Yourself From Getting Molested In Public


A bad start to the New Year?

It’s already starting to come out of the closet, the garbage, the stench and the cruelty of Molestation. Where people usually consider starting the New Year with positivity and goodness, there are few maggots out there that can never change their slimy ways; come what may! The recent Molestation in Public incidences in Bangalore that took place on New Year’s Day is the proof of such greasy handed slime.

The Bitter Truth…

The bitter truth is how much ever we protest, pledge and punish such blasphemies will keep repeating time and again. And at the end of the day, it’s our women who have to face the brunt of it and bear the after affects for life.

The Bitter Truth…

On that note, we have decided to share some tips to prevent Molestation in Public. If the police and government cannot help, then let’s help each other and pledge to keep us safe and guarded from Public Molestation.

11 Ways to Prevent Molestation in Public

1. Knock Down With One Hit At MAIN PART: – Yes, you heard it right, if someone tries to molest you then hit with your knee bent on main part and try to run towards the light or the crowd!!

2. Don’t wander off to lonely dark streets. Most of the rape victims are assaulted in dark and lonely corners of the roads and alleys where the danger lurks more often. So choose the highway or busiest streets instead.

3. Take a self-defense class. It is very important that women know few Tae Kwon Do, Karate and Kick Boxing moves. Remember the stronger your core muscles are, the longer you can fight the Molestation in Public.

4. Always keep pepper spray handy. If you don’t have one, then buy it online immediately. Pepper Sprays to a certain level aid to distract your attacker. If you don’t have a pepper spray bottle, then a deo spray shall pass.



5. Do not share public conveyances with strangers. Yes, that’s the most common way criminals use to lure you to deserted places. Even if you end up in a public conveyance, make sure to note the vehicle number and send to someone who is always on a high alert. Just in case you go missing, this shall help.

6. Be swift and agile. Well, if you’re stealthy, swift and agile your attacker may not decipher your next move and within seconds you may steer clear of the situation. Strengthen your reflexes, gather your composure and react. Panic is vulnerable and is a green alert for rapists.


7. GPS is ultimate rescuer. Today, technology has advanced to a superior level, so much so that you can be easily tracked via GPS and Maps. There are many anti-rape GPS tracking apps that you can install and activate in your phone. Some apps even allow you to quickly alert to responder. It also shows your location.

8. Pretend that you are accompanied. If you catch anyone leering at you, don’t jump on accusing him. Rather, try to pretend that you are on a call and give the person on phone your location and address.

on phone

9. Ask someone to drop you home. If you are returning from a late night show or shift.

10. Don’t drink or eat anything offered by strangers. Don’t get tempted and accept any drink or food offered by strangers. It doesn’t matter if he is humble or polite or a friend of friend’s. Learn to say NO and make sure your stance is all rigid while doing so. Rape, drugs are high on the market. Beware. Also, be cautious of the drinks you take in clubs. Don’t leave them unattended for more than a few seconds.

No means no

11. Don’t entertain small talks with hotel staffs, cabbies or shop keepers. Don’t accept random requests on Social Media websites or in any other way. Learn to research and analysis and be not carried away by flattery.

12. Drink less in parties. Yes, be safe than sorry. Unless you are with your brother, trusted friend or husbands, don’t over drink in parties. There’s going to be always someone eyeing for you to get weak.

Hope this simple safety way to prevent Molestation in Public will make you feel safer.

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