How to Clean Your Jewellery for this Wedding Season


feature-image-oyeshopDo the girls out there agree that flaunting jewelleries is part of Indian wedding and festive tradition? You agree or not but every lady dreams of wearing shimmering as new bling with their best seasonal outfit for the celebrations.
Wedding calls for loads of outfits and jewelleries change. Although, many of us cannot afford to buy a round of fashion accessories for each wedding at toe, the question of how to keep bling sparkling and new lie in wait. However, there are many homemade remedies that shall help you keep your jewelleries shiny and long lasting.

So we have brought to you few simple DIY tips on jewellery care that you can try at home.

1. Gold


Although gold doesn’t discolour, it becomes dull over time by sweat, oil and makeup and lotions. You can easily polish gold at home with detergent and soft cloth instead of going for expensive ready-made solutions.

Tip – 1 part of mild liquid soap with 3 parts of warm water. Mix the solution and soak your Gold in it for 15 minutes. Gently scrub with a soft bristled toothbrush. Wash in running water and pat dry with soft polishing cloth.
*Toothpaste, lemon juice and baking soda also are equally beneficial for a shining gold.

2. Diamonds


Diamonds doesn’t lose its glaze easily. However, it is important to keep them twinkling.
Tip – Make a solution of 1 part of Baking Soda and 1 part of Detergent powder with tepid water. Gently rub the mixture on the stones for few minutes before water washing them. Don’t forget to pat dry.
*Vodka also helps clean diamond sets.

3. Pearls


Pearls are extremely delicate and sensitive and needs special care. The acids and perspiration produced from skin, unwarranted chemicals, excessive heat may wither away the burnish from pearls.

Tips –
• Store Pearls in separate fabric lined box or pouch to avoid scratches and nicking from other jewelleries.
• If wearing regularly wipe your pearl jewellery with a wet soft cloth frequently.
• To maintain the luster of the gem, you can use olive oil to wipe.
• Never use cleansers, detergents, bleaches, soda or any abrasive materials such as toothbrushes on pearls.
• Avoid make-ups, hair dryers, perfumes and other cosmetics on pearls as they may cause the gems to dry out and crack or start to fade at the nacre.

4. Silver


The only problem with silvers is they turn darker when exposed to water, sun and air. It becomes necessary to maintain the quality and shine of the metal quite frequently than gold and diamonds.
Tips –
• Make a mixture of soapy warm water and Ritha powder and polish silver ornament with 100% cotton or flannel cloth
• You can also use the special silver cleaning cloth known as Sunshine Polishing to brighten the metal.
• You can also soak silver accessories in lemon juice. Citric acid helps remove blackened silver.
• Always store silver in air tight bags to prevent tarnishing.
• It is advised not to use readymade oxidation silver powder as they significantly damage the material and make silver jewels lose their substance.

5. Fashion Ornaments


Costume jewelleries are best ways to accessorise your wedding and celebration outfits. Most of the artificial ornaments are made from alloy, brass and copper and hence, they tarnish and taint easily. Therefore, here are few tips to keep fashion jewelleries from discolouring.
Tips –
• Do not wet them. Keep them dry and clean all the time.
• Avoid makeup, sprays, water and perfume on them.
• Wipe your fashion jewellery with soft cloth. Avoid chemicals such as ammonia, soaps and other solutions as they are artificial metals and not as resilient as Gold and Platinum.
• When not in use, ensure you store them in separate boxes away from air and sunlight.
• For best results coat your favourite accessories with a layer of transparent nail enamel. The nail polish coat will be an effective shield. It also prevents scratches and falling off of stones.

So, just take out your old jewellery and give them a new look for this wedding season.

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