Trending Ways to Wear Maang Tikka


Since time immemorial Jewellery has been the most essential fragment of an Indian Wedding. From the toe ring to the nose ring and to the mangal sutra, every piece of ornament completes the wedding custom known as Solah Shringar, the 16 items that beautify and symbolise the Bride. In Indian weddings the maang (centre forehead area) plays a significant role as that’s the place where the groom smears the Sindoor (kumkum) signifying the bonding of Man and Wife. And hence, a woman cannot be called a bride if her forehead is not jewelled with a Maang Tikka.

While time has changed the appearance and style of Maang tikka, the ritual to adorn it still remains the same. So here’s chance for you get the perfect bridal look as we have compiled Trending Ways to Wear Maang Tikka (use your finally opted title here) this Wedding Season.

  1. Borla

Borla is the traditional Rajasthani and Haryanwi Tikka that is in the shape of Spehrical pendant. Although it was out of fashion a few years back, it has bounced back with full vigour and is being widely recognised in other parts of the country as well. The name is derived from the dessert fruit Ber or Bor.

This Maang Tikka goes well on round face with hair parted from the centre forehead.

  1. Oversized Flat Pendants

Oversized pendant is the next big thing this year. It is very much in vogue and looks absolutely gorgeous on brides. The large piece gives distinct look to the bold and the beautiful lady. They come in different shapes and patterns with very thin chains as extensions.


Flat Pendant Maang tikka goes perfectly well on large broad foreheads, oval faces and also on chubby cheeks. However, make sure you have the right hairstyle for the ornament.

  1. Jhoomar

Also known as Passa, the jhoomar is the symbolic ornament of a Muslim bride being extensively accepted by the entire nation.  Ever since the Mughal period we have seen Jhoomars apart from the regular tikkas gracing the foreheads of gorgeous Muslim Ladies. The Passa which is traditionally triangular fan shaped tikka hangs on the left side of the forehead. It signifies royalty and glory.

It is one of the noticeable style tags of this year that comes in various shapes and sizes for different face structures.

  1. Multi-tier Matha Pattis

Matha Pattis is the most authentic Maan Tikka type which has been introduced by our moms and grandmothers. And as the saying goes Old is Gold, we are yet again pleased to see the multi layered Matha Pattis back on the list. This heavy tikka comes with multiple side chains or panels known as Shringar Patti that goes on either side of the forehead. Multi-tier tikka gives the bride a grand look


However, note that matha patti does not suit everyone and every outfit. Ladies with long face and large forehead can carry the design flawlessly. Additionally, the outfit should also match the royalty of the Tikka.

  1. Single Tier Matha Patti

Similar to that of Multi layered patti, the single tier patti is the cooler and sleeker version of the former. It goes well with different wedding attires and can be worn in multiple ways. However, it looks appealing on oval shaped face.

  1. Single Small Pendant

Small pendants are in fashion for the last several years as it is contemporary, elegant yet alludes a traditional look. Charming single pendant tikkas can be worn in any function apart from the wedding ceremony. It is the only style that is available in stunning variety of ranges and is used in very many of ceremonies.


Small single pendants suit all face shapes and compliments different fashion outfits.

  1. The Side Sweep

Slowly emerging as a show stopper, the side swept tikka is what we call as the classiest and hottest style of Maang Tikka. You may not find this Nawabi Type in traditional weddings but they are great way to look uniquely beautiful in wedding ceremonies.


Even these are available in different variations and suit oval as well as round shaped faces.

Although beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, every woman dreams of being the perfect bride and capture the heart of her beau splendidly. Hope you do the same by choosing one of the styles.

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