Easy Mental New Year Resolutions for 2017 (It’s more than losing kilos)


So how was the first day of this year? Partied hard or had a cosy family time?


New Year denotes a lot of things – New beginning, New Goals, Mend broken relationships, Brighter career and of course last but not the least a new bunch of New Year Resolutions. We all set these resolutions to keep ourselves on track for the rest of the year but oftentimes we ignore the core element for achieving these goals, our Mental Health.

So, today, let’s not decide on just thinning our waist lines or overfilling our bank accounts, but let’s also focus on kick starting this year by considering these Easy Mental New Year Resolutions.

1. Nurture Your Body:


A healthy body is the key to great achievements. Your body is your biggest responsibility and you owe yourself a lot. Hence, nurture it with care and love. Learn to accept your own self and eliminate comparison. Start your day with optimistic thoughts, sing and induce positive vibrations while cooking, smile a lot, walk for 20 – 30 minutes a day and drink water a lot. These easy New Year Resolution tricks will improve your mental health to a superior level.

2. Abandon Negativity:

happy faces

Did you know negativity is extremely poisonous for your mind? Negative thoughts send wrong vibrations to your brain resulting in foul temper and greater chances of health hazards such as heart attack, lower immune system, type-2 diabetes and chronic stress. No one is asking you to attain saint hood but try to abandon selfish acts, jealousy, loathing, insecurity and back biting

3. Prepare to Say Yes:


Don’t be afraid to say ‘Yes’. Saying ‘Yes’ to a lot of things needs immense courage and will power but you shall never know the benefits that would reap from doing so unless you try. Say ‘Yes’ to new challenges at work, say ‘Yes’ when someone asks you a favour, say ‘Yes’ when you are asked to mentor, say ‘Yes’ to simple pleasures of life like cooking food, watching movies, serving your parents or being selfless in a charitable act. Also say yes to accept changes in life.

4. Explore and Travel


Often times we forget to let go and relax. Work and job is not everything. Sometimes it’s about discovering and rejuvenating. Science states the happier and healthier people are the ones who travel and holiday often. Independence, responsibility and adaptability is imbibed within you when you are open and about to meet and greet new environments, places and people. Travelling expands our mind, promotes healthy body and gives us a break from our otherwise wearisome life. Plan a trip (nothing extravagant) this year, alone or with your loved ones.

5. Say No to Dieting

say no to diet

Dieting is seriously a bad word. You will not reduce an inch for sure rather will end up eating more food and gain unhealthy fat.  Fitness experts say the more you try to avoid something, the more you get attached to it, be it food or relationship. The only mantra here is ‘Moderate’. Eat moderately and live a moderate life and you will see amazing results.

6. Hug and Embrace More:

hugging dogs

Last but not the least, embrace something that gives you unprecedented joy. Like to sleep, then sleep few extra hours for God’s sake. Craving ice cream? Then have it guilt free. It has been found that people who hug and enjoy small elements of life have tremendous health benefits such as lower BP rate, better psychological state, stronger immune system and lot more.

Always remember New Year Resolutions are for to effect and not to rot in the back of your mind. Hence make reasonable and easy New Year Resolutions and ensure to set them around your lifestyle and mental health. Hope the year is filled with lots of positive news for all of you.

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