Essential Jewellery Styling Tips for Workplace


Needless to say, a perfect piece of jewellery can definitely perk up your office look in manifolds. Right accessories at work do wonders at different levels. It not only adds poignancy to your persona but also boosts up your self-confidence which positively affects your job.

So here’s the deal!!

We have compiled few essential tips on how to accessorize your office wear simply and elegantly.

1. Minimal is More

minimal-is-more-_2 minimal-is-more

You have come here for work and not to attend a cocktail party. Hence remember the words, ‘minimal is more’ and stick by it. Although the long crystals might be pleading you to wear them, it is always preferable to choose studs and small hoops over danglers. Start filling up you accessories cabinet with metallic studs, pearls hug earrings and understated drops.

2. Avoid Clinks

Indian wedding movie sequence where clinking2

OK this is no Indian wedding movie sequence where clinking of bangles and anklets signifies something meaningful. Work environment should be peaceful and noiseless and hence it is appropriate to avoid clinking bangles, earrings and anklets. Anything that makes noise should be evaded at work. Instead go for simple yet aesthetic light weight bracelets and bangles. The wrist hugging bracelets are the best that you can own for office life. Remember, music is good but cranky metals every time you move are definitely annoying.

3. Don’t layer with Bling

Don’t layer with Bling

So, being Indians, we are ardent lovers of gold and silver and we try to flaunt our necks and hands as much as possible, on every occasion that comes our way. Although, the tradition is fun, it is a total no-no at work place.

Instead of 3 – 4 layers of neck chains, go for simple single chained necklaces with moderate sized pendants. Charm your outfit with professional touch that wholly relies on simplicity and earthen look.

4. Say no to Shine

Say no to ShineSay no to Shine

Rise and Shine! Yes, that’s right but not at your accessories but at the job you do. Gold and diamonds are great investments but are they great office wear jewelleries as well? No. Gold glitters and are blinding. Instead of flashy gold go for the duller ones; and it is advisable to let go of the bigger diamond stones and choose the eccentric gems and smaller diamonds instead. But whatever may be the day or case, adding colours make a boring day at office vibrant and alive.

5. Try a New Style

Try a New Style

Having said the above, we also ask you to let go of the monotonous accessories. If your work culture is that of a corporate life, then most probably you would be spending your days in crisp white or grey shirts and formal skirts and pants. Changing your accessories will add up new dimensions to your personality. Hence, try simple black chokers or contemporary jewelleries for such gloomy costumes.

Try a New Style

Always remember, if people are distracted from you to your accessory more than thrice in a meeting or conversation, then you have made the wrong choice.

Hope these tips turn useful to you in the future and you start building up your work wear jewelleries around it!!

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